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BT Launches 4G Assisted Broadband for SMEs

UK-based SMEs can use BT’s 4G Assure broadband service to ensure connectivity if they experience interruption to their fixed broadband service.

Mike Tomlinson, MD, SME for BT, said: “We’ve packed innovation into our Smart Hub to provide SMEs with a failsafe method to stay online.”

There will be no extra cost for 4G Assure for those customers taking an Ultrafast, Infinity Premium or Broadband Premium business broadband package from BT. Customers who purchase BT’s standard business broadband packages can buy 4G Assure for an additional £8 per month.

BT said this is a reliable back-up service with the hub automatically switching to 4G if a firm lose its fixed broadband connection, allowing businesses to avoid the inconvenience, productivity and financial impacts. The hub will switch back to fixed broadband when the line becomes stable.

BT will take action to proactively fix the broadband fault if a broadband fault is detected. 4G Assure is the first product of its kind to support static IP for the many businesses which rely on static IP addresses to run their own websites, servers and connect remotely.

BT will send hub and 4G dongle the same day to allow for next working day connectivity – eliminating the need for waiting for the installation of fixed broadband line.

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