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Nokia and Zain KSA Boost 4G Network Speeds Using Carrier Aggregation

Zain Saudi Arabia and Nokia have announced the deployment of LTE A three component carrier aggregation technology that will enable Zain to provide unprecedented data speeds of up to 187.5 Mbps across its network.

The network upgrade was launched in the high-profile business and residential districts of Jeddah.

Carrier aggregation is a technique widely used in LTE-Advanced standards. It allows operators to bond together non-contiguous bands of spectrum to create wider channels, resulting in faster LTE speeds.

The implementation of three component carrier aggregation in the FDD-LTE band (FDD-LTE 3CC) concludes an extensive commercial network trial by Nokia and Zain. As a result, Zain will be able to increase data speeds at the cell edge – close to neighboring cells, where interference and signal loss can impact the subscriber experience.

Ali Aljitawi, Head of Zain KSA Customer Team at Nokia, said: “With this project, Zain becomes the first Operator in Saudi Arabia to carry out the refarming of spectrum in the 900 MHz band from GSM to LTE, and using three component carrier aggregation to increase speeds on Zain’s 4G network.”

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